donderdag 4 juni 2015

LED Roof

For an organisation in Delft I was asked to build/repair an LED roof. What they had didn't work because of very long signal wires and because the old builders underestimated the voltage drop caused by the large currents required to drive 8640 individual leds at 5 volts, (about 170 amps, theoretically). With a team from my school we took the old roofs apart and rebuilt it with heavy copper strips, 25mm² cables, and microcontrollers embedded in the roof itself. 

Now that the roof functions well, the real work only begins. So far the only modes implemented during the testing are a screensaver, and one "music" mode where the roof wirelessly receives information from a separate transmitter. There is a lot of work put into the roof, so there's also a lot of programming to do to make that count. The video's are still from the all the tests, but the roof will be on it's first festival tomorrow. I hope to make some better videos there.

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