donderdag 4 juni 2015

Making everything wireless

I moved to a new apartment and decided to (finally) make everything in my house wirelessly controllable. So far I've designed, ordered, and tested four versions of a control-everything-in-my-house-wirelessly-PCB and started writing a library to manage all the devices easily without creating a giant mess. I'll tell more about the PCBs in another post, but I'd like to have a post with some results first. 

The initial purpose for the first batch of PCBs was to control all lights in the house. For the first test I took the knock sensor from my latest post, added a potentiometer, and one of the boards, and shoved it in an ikea drawer. I already had a glass sphere from an older project, and hooked a 20W Philips lumiled (LHC1-2790-1205) in it to another board. 

The test worked so well I immediately put the boards in every light I had laying around. I also upgraded the ikea drawer with some touch sensors, because, well, why not. 

Because of more unknown reasons it felt like a good idea to make an 'audio/video' transmitter. It takes the average color of my screen with a processing sketch, and sends this together with the intensity of the music to the lights. It's quite disco. 

Last but not least it was insanely simple to hook up a motor to the board too. This got us from the idea to make the game looping louie smartphone controlled, to an actual smartphone controlled looping louie in about 3 minutes. The app is made by a classmate and communicates to the boards through a wifi module. It controls the lights and everything else as well.

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